Cargo blocking

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Cargo blocking

Cargo blocking is an important way to secure and lash your cargo in the vechicle. It is used for sencitive cargo types which is not possble to lash other was, for example, by ratchet straps.

Cargo blocking equipment such as:

  • Cargo Lock Plank
  • Heavy Duty  Round tube Cargo Bar
  • Dunnage Air Bags
  • Trailer’s Side Boards
  • and others

Advantages of cargo blocking equipment:

  • easy to handle
  • light weight
  • long life
  • multiply usage
  • strong working force

Round Tube Cargo Bar: What It Is and What It Does

If you have ever received a package or shipment of products that were damaged or broken beyond repair, you have already experienced the reason why the cargo load bar was created. Cargo security should be a chief concern among companies that regularly ship physical goods. You are only as good as your last shipment. In this article, we will go over the cargo load bar: what it is and what it does, so that you can better understand how it protects cargo and why it is so significant.