Dunnage air bag 900x2100mm

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Dunnage airbag 900x2100mm Level 1

Other sizes types and types as Level 0, 2,3,4,5 could be ordered on the request, MOQ is 1 pallet.

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Dunnage Air bag is an innovative and efficient blocking and bracing tool. Produced by ETAP Packaging GmbH.

  • Size: 900x2100mm
  • Etap Level-1 airbags are made from a durable poly-woven dunnage material.
  • Working presure: 0.2bar/2.9psi,
  • Burst presure: 0.55bar/8psi
  • Protecting from Cargo Damage
  • Efficient load securing and time saving
  • Easy to handle – inflates and deflates quickly
  • 3:1 Safety Factor for dunnage air bag
  • Re-usable
  • Re-cyclable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Paper Equivalent: 2 ply paper bags
  • Level-1 dunnageairbags are designed for Truck, Intermodal, Railroad and Sea Containers weighing up to 40.000 lbs / 18.143 KG. They are Level 1 AAR Verified.

Advantages of air bags.

Air bags are economical alternative for blocking cargo. Using other methods such as rubber air bags or lumber and nails are more costly. We can use Air Bags for securing of the sensitive cargo, therefore it is possible cargo double or triple stacking in the trailer.

First of all, air bags will have the largest impact on the load factor. Second, organizational productivity is one of the main goals of the shipping quality process. Additionally, we can save time using Air bags because at the destination terminals the carrier don’t do “Re’s” (Re-working Restacking, Re-shrink-wrappping, Recouping, and Re-banding the load). Consequently, at the same time we can use container space more efficient. Inflatable dunnage air bags minimize shipping damages and can withstand tons of pressure as well as resistance to load shifting.

Using dunnage air bags

We offer inflatable dunnage air bags for reasonable costs and good quality. Dunnage air bags are designed and built to meet your shipping requirements, because of that you can prevent potential cargo damages. Air bags protect your load from shift, shock, and vibration. Various Sizes of Dunnage air bags can fill spaces between loads and secure them and reduce damage in transit. And the last, please remember you’ll still need a compressor to pump these up.

Dunnage airbag

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