The ergonomic long lever ratchet tie down strap is used more and more widely due to its qualities and features:

  • Greater comfort and ergonomics, does not put pressure on the driver’s spine, because tension goes from top to bottom.
  • Higher (within limits) tensioning force (STF = 500 kg) due to slip clutch with long lever (clamping lever 300 mm)
  • High gear ratio: 17 instead of 11 slipper teeth
  • With a slip clutch tightening element (ERGO) instead of a traditional clamp sleeve (“tightening, not clamping”)
  • Advantage: with the same manual force, more than twice as much tensioning force is achieved, the load is tightened more securely.
  • Result: The same load can be securely secured with fewer lashing straps

The only disadvantage of ERGO belts is their higher price compared to standard belts.

Safe transportation for you!