Protection corner 130x95x95 mm black (100pcs/carton)

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Protection corner 130x95x95 mm black, 100 pcs in the box

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Protection corner.

Protection corner ensure the safety of your load. Whether you need to transport raw materials or finished goods, it should be done safely and properly to ensure maximum protection. Even the slightest damage to your cargo can result in heavy monetary losses. Plus, the time spent on transporting a fresh batch of cargo will further delay your business’ operations.

Using protection measures is a good idea to avoid such mishaps. While there are numerous protection measures available in the market, corner protectors are by far the most useful.

What are protection corner?

Protection corners are cargo securing units that can be placed at various areas to ensure that no damage is done to the cargo being transported. They are made of highly durable material to ensure that it doesn’t crack under impact. Plus, they can be easily bent around to fit the purpose. Since they return right back to their shape, you need not worry about breaking them. We highly advise investing in  protection corners that are injection moulded since it increases their tensile strength and impact resistance.

Injection moulded  protection corner, are stack-efficient since they can be placed one on top of the other. This way, storing them when not in use is incredibly easy.  They are also water-resistant, so they do not get damaged in harsh rainy weather. They also come in various sizes and lengths to suit your requirements.


We highly recommend using ratchets and straps in addition with corner protectors to add extra protection layers to your cargo.

Benefits of using the right corners to transport your cargo.

Here are all the ways plastic injection moulded  protection corner help protect your cargo:

  • They reduce the wear and tear on straps, thus preventing any damage caused by them.
  • Their durability and strength make them a cost-effective solution that lasts for long.
  • It improves your service and helps you provide good products to customers, thus improving customer satisfaction.
  • You can also use these corner protectors on the walls of your factories and warehouses.
  • When your cargo doesn’t get damaged regularly, your company doesn’t have to make frequent insurance claims.
  • They are extremely bendable, thus increasing their functionality.

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