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Accessories for lashing equipment such as protection corners and other helps to protect your cargo and deliver it in safe and good conditions. We work on deliver needed accessories for lashing and find more ways to provide you with more usefull elements for lashing.



  • helps to prolong lifetime of lashing equipment
  • easy to handle
  • multiply usage
  • light weight
  • reasonable costs

Benefits of using the right corners to transport your cargo.

Here are all the ways plastic injection moulded  protection corner help protect your cargo:

  • They reduce the wear and tear on straps, thus preventing any damage caused by them.
  • Their durability and strength make them a cost-effective solution that lasts for long.
  • It improves your service and helps you provide good products to customers, thus improving customer satisfaction.
  • You can also use these corner protectors on the walls of your factories and warehouses.
  • When your cargo doesn’t get damaged regularly, your company doesn’t have to make frequent insurance claims.
  • They are extremely bendable, thus increasing their functionality.