Recently, there are often cases when the driver is not allowed to present at loading of the vehicle, moreover, after loading the vehicle is also sealed.

Is there a violation in this?

Yes, there is – in Art. 8. CMR Convention states: “When accepting the cargo, the carrier is obliged to check the accuracy of the entries made in the consignment note regarding the number of packages, as well as their markings and numbers, the external condition of the cargo and its packaging. If the carrier does not have sufficient opportunity to verify the correctness of the entries, he must enter reasonable reservations on the consignment note. He must also justify any reservations made by him regarding the external condition of the goods and their packaging. “

What risks does it carry?

1. The cargo may not correspond to the declared in the documents, that is, from the shortage to the smuggling

2. The load may be incorrectly placed and secured in the cargo area – risk of displacement, overweight along the axels

Because of all this – the carrier can get losses and claims for compensation, the risk of losing a client, etc.

What to do?

1. Immediately notify the Customer of transportation and wait for instructions (all actions must be recorded in writing)

2. Never leave the place of loading

3. Make notes in all copies of the CMR consignment note, including the sender’s copy.

4. And in any case, it is necessary to make sure that the cargo is correctly placed and secured, as well as its compliance with the data in the consignment note.

Safe transportation for you!