Heavy Duty Round Tube Cargo Bar

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Round Tube Cargo Bar 42mm


  • Type(With Spring)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Pad size: 50x100mm
  • tube shape – round,
  • tube diameter – 42 mm,
  • adjustment – 2350-2720 mm,
  • material – aluminum,
  • pad size – 50*100mm

Round Tube Cargo Bar: What It Is and What It Does

If you have ever received a package or shipment of products that were damaged or broken beyond repair, you have already experienced the reason why the cargo load bar was created. Cargo security should be a chief concern among companies that regularly ship physical goods. You are only as good as your last shipment. In this article, we will go over the cargo load bar: what it is and what it does, so that you can better understand how it protects cargo and why it is so significant.

What Is a Cargo Load Bar?

A cargo load bar is a much simpler invention than the average person might think. It is a bar placed horizontally between the sidewalls of a trailer or vertically between the floor and ceiling. Most cargo bars are made from steel tubing and feature rubber feet that adhere to the sides or floor and ceiling of a truck. They are ratchet devices you can adjust to fit the specific dimensions of the trailer. For added cargo security, cargo bars can be combined with cargo straps to protect products even further.

What Does a Cargo Load Bar Do?

The purpose of a cargo load bar is to protect cargo from moving and shifting during transit. No matter what the size of the load, all cargo can shift and fall out of place if the driver makes a quick stop or a sharp turn. Cargo load bars provide bracing for cargo to reduce the amount of movement in the trailer.

Now that you know what a cargo load bar is and what it does, we hope you have learned why they are crucial to quality shipping procedures. We take a great pride in providing cargo load bars and accessories that can stand up to whatever you run into on the road. If you have any questions about these products, do not hesitate to ask us. We are glad to help you in any way we can.

Advantages of using cargo bar:

  1. Ratcheting cargo bar solution for trucks and passenger vehicles.
  2. Easy to apply and fits in all truck beds and most passenger vehicles.
  3. Secure cargo loads in your pickup truck bed with the ratcheting design expansion system.
  4. Great for trucks with tonneau covers to keep items near the tailgate.

Silverback ratcheting design of Heavy Duty Round Tube Cargo Bar makes adjustment easy and efficient. Steel bar with galvanised finish provides a suitable finish for most environments, and the soft-grip padded ratchet handle makes adjusting the length comfortable. With 100mm x 50mm non-slip rubber pads, the ratcheting cargo bar will stay in place on most surfaces and prevent your cargo from shifting.

Ratcheting cargo bars are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. Great for use in reefer and standard shipping containers where F-Track isn’t available.

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