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Portable Strap winder

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Portable Strap Winder / Web Winder for truck straps. This is a great tool for keeping your straps neatly rolled up.

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Portable strap winder is a great and easy tool therefore anyone can use it. Strap winder helps to wrap straps webbings in good shape and store them correctly. Using portable strap winder drivers could safe quite much time and efforts and keep straps in good order. As well as prolong straps life time.


  • Material – Steel
  • Finish – Black Painted
  • Sizes – 50, 75, 100 mm strap,
  • Net Weight – 0.5KG


  1. Portable Strap Winder / Web Winder for truck straps
  2. This is a great tool for keeping your straps neatly rolled up.
  3. Heavy Duty Steel Construction.
  4. Can be used as Right or Left Handed.

How to Properly Store Tie-down Straps

Put sraps in plastic bags for storage. Store straps in dry areas that are free from sunlight.

  • Prepare straps for long storage.
  • Wash straps.
  • Clean or wash the straps before store them
  • Dry straps before store them.
  • Wrap straps before storing.
  • Inspect straps it for any rips, abrasions or tears on the webbing.
  • Store Ratchet straps in a dry place far from sunlight.
  • Keep straps away from moisture as they will collect corrosion.

Fortunately, there are items that can help you store ratchet straps properly. Strap winder is a perfect solution for that purpouse.

Besides properly inspecting, cleaning, and storing tie-down straps, they also need to be used properly.

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Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 cm


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