Snow Chain TRYGG Super 2000

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TRYGG Super 2000 snow chains


Snow Chain TRYGG Super 2000

TRYGG tire chains are available for all types of applications. From light chains with high comfort via conventional studded chains with square links to floating diamond-patterned chains for heavy machinery and difficult conditions.

TRYGG Super series is most popular transport chain. It is made from a superior steel quality which is used in all parts of the chain. The technology allows to reduce the weight while maintaining the renowned TRYGG quality. The chain has 8 mm hardened hooks, 6 mm hardened side chain and 7 mm specialy hardened cross chains with 7×9 mm square studs.

For steering axle, driving axle and trailer.

All prices are for a set (2 pcs.)

Delivery Terms – deppends on stock availability and could take from 5 days till 2-3 weeks.


Road **** ***** **** **** **** **** *****
Terrain *** **** ***** *** **** *** **
Grip, stearing ** **** **** ***** **** **** ****
Grip, ice *** **** ***** **** ***** **** ****
Weight (light) ***** **** ** **** ** ***** *****

Grip on ice depends on the wight of the vehicle. Too much chain compared to weight lowers the grip.

User Manual

Installation, use and safety.
By using the Trygg tire chains you declare to have read and will observe the warnings and guidelines hereunder and you will not assert any claims against the manufacturer, importer or retailer in case of non-observance.


This chain is strictly to be used as tire chain only. Tire chain is hardened for the application intended. This hardening makes the chain hard and brittle compared to lifting chains. Under high tension the chain can suddenly break with no prewarning and pieces of metal may fly. Life is endangered when tire chains are used for unintended purposes such as towing, tie-down and lifting.

One must never drive faster than 50 km/h (30 miles/h) with tire chains. The driver must always observe the potential risks and drive at a safe speed.

Please read and follow the installation instruction carefully and ensure tire chain is properly installed prior to any use. Follow rules and regulations and read the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for proper chain usage. Correct installation and sufficient number of chains are prerequisites for safe operation.

Always use tire chains when difficult conditions are expected and before getting in trouble. The chains are not made for spinning your way out of trouble, but to increase the tire grip and reduce operating risks.

A chain must never be used when one or more links are worn more than half the thickness of the cross section.

Never operate with defective chains. Chain damages must be repaired immediately!

In case of knocking or torn chains stop the vehicle immidiately, increase tension of knocking chains, dismount and repair torn chains.

Tire chains on bare asphalt will reduce the road grip. Do not use tire chains on bare asphalt!




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