Locking Sealing Device – ZPU “Universal-1M”

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Locking Sealing Device – ZPU “Universal-1M”

Locking Sealing Device ZPU “Universal-1M” is designed for locking and simultaneous sealing various types of railway wagons: covered wagons, refrigerated wagons, tanks, grain carriers, hopper cars, covered wagons for transporting cars and containers having a hole diameter in the lugs of at least 5.2 mm;

Approved by  VAS “Latvijas Dzelzceļš” from 14.03.2023. document no. DT-6.4.1/205-2023 On approval of the use of the sealing device.


  1. According to the functional purpose, the device belongs to the class C-power ZPU – locking and sealing devices with a tensile strength (resistance) of more than 10 Kn, ZPU “Universal-1M” corresponds to the 2nd code – power, with a breaking force of 10 to 20 kN (from 1000 to 2000 kgf);
  2. According to the stability of the protective properties (the level of protection against substitution and forgery) of the device belong to the 4th group of the resistance code (normal resistance);
  3. By resistance to unauthorized (criminal) non-destructive autopsy device belongs to the 2nd subgroup;
  4. The device has a nominal breaking force at break – up to 18.8 kN (1800 kgf). The allowable breaking force should not exceed 30% of the nominal one.
  5. ZPU “Universal-1M” is resistant to:
    • impact of changes in ambient temperature (minus 60C, plus 55C);
    • frost loss.
  6. The device has the following marking:
    • name of the ZPU;
    • protective label;
    • seven-digit identification non-recurring number;
    • abbreviated letter name of the railway code;
    • the last two digits of the year of manufacture
  7. ZPU dimensions:
    • Rope length – 500 mm
    • Rope diameter – 5,2 mm
    • Lock diameter – 45,6 mm, thickness – 12,0 mm
    • Weight: 143g
  8. Packing:
    • Packed in a box of 200 pieces
    • Box size: 60*40*25cm
    • Box weight: 28 kg
    • The box is marked:
      • name of the manufacturer and its legal address;
      • manufacturer’s logo;
      • ZPU model;
      • date of manufacture;
      • quantity;
      • box weight;
      • range of numbers;
      • rope length;
      • designation of this standard of the organization.

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Weight 0.143 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 25 cm

200 pcs/carton, 50 pcs/carton