Ratchet Strap

Ratchet Strap is most popular lashing equipment for cargo safety.

ergo ratchet strap

ergo ratchet strap


Transport safety, products safety and strengthening seem to be specific concepts and not very familiar to the general public. However, in reality, it is an important part of everyday life. We want to receive the goods on time and safely, without delays and damage. Therefore, all the activities related to the proper securing of the goods, materials needed for it are an important part of everyday life.

We help carriers choose the right materials for securing cargo, and we are ready to provide advice on securing and transport safety.


Very important for carriers is to choose right quality and type of the ratchet straps:

  • carries has to pay high attention to particularity of the cargo;
  • choose correct method of lashing as well as be able to calculate needed number of straps.

Quite often we see misunderstanding:

  • of methods and even reading of ratchet straps labels;
  • high risk brings how correctly straps are used and also if damaged or not lebeled straps are used.

All these particularities could bring potential risks for cargo damage and road accidents. Therefore, we strongly recommend to use only high quality lashing products and keep own calculations for lashing to show road inspectors.

In addition, pay high attention for ratchet strap paramether as enlongation, which according to standard is 7% max. In other words meaning that during transportation strap could become longer by 7%, which is 70 cm for stap of 10 m.

Safety first! Safe transportation!

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