Load distribution in the vehicle is one of the most important rules during transportation.

Carriers know that during the transportation of cargo, the maximum permissible dimensions and gross vehicle weight must not be exceeded. Consideration should also be given to minimum axle loads to provide adequate stability, steering and braking as required by law or by the vehicle manufacturer.

Transport units are especially sensitive to the position of the load center of gravity due to the predetermined axle loads to maintain steering and stopping power.

The vehicles are equipped with special diagrams that show the permitted payload depending on the longitudinal position of its center of gravity. Generally, the maximum payload can only be used when the center of gravity is located within narrow boundaries about half the length of the cargo area.

Load distribution diagrams must be provided by the vehicle or bodybuilder, they can also be calculated later, taking into account the vehicle geometry, all minimum and maximum axle loads, own weight distribution on different axles, and maximum payload.

If the vehicle is loaded according to this diagram, then the maximum permitted axle loads will not be exceeded.

Safe transportation!