Blocking means the load is being stacked close to stationary structures and structures, installed on a truck, for example, the front wall, pillars or sides of the body.

In practice, it can be difficult to move the load close to the blocking device, there are always gaps (and they should be less than 15 cm). Fill the gaps with cushioning material. The most used material is empty pallets, often wooden planks and beams are used. The gaps are often filled with air bags.

Nowadays, the use of aluminum fixing strips and stands is becoming more and more popular. They are lightweight, no more than 7-8 kg, and have sufficient strength.

To prevent displacement of cylindrical items along the loading platform can be use pads.

The second tier is often blocked by the ledge method.

It is important to treat the loading, stowage and securing of cargo with due attention, then the transportation will be carried out on time and without damage.

Safe transportation for you!